What puts JSeries on top?

Providing experiences like none before it, JSeries at it's heart focuses on bringing the most unique content it possibly can, while also adapting to suit the wants of the players.

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Unique content

The goal of JSeries is to be different then the rest while retaining the features that players like.

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Bug Free

The servers are extensivly tested to bring a bugless experience, find one? Report it.

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We ensure all resources are made to perform at their best.

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Public Resources

Resources you can use on your server.
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An streamer created to load even the most complex maps into MTA flawlessly.

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A complete replacement for MTAs aging editor system building on the complaints and missing features of Editor.

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Liberty City ©

The map from GTA:3 ported to MTA:SA (Standard edition).

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Vice City ©

The map from GTA:VC ported to MTA:SA (Standard edition).

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Grand Carmageddon ©

The maps from the game Carmageddon combined and ported to MTA:SA.

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Alien City ©

A massive custom map for GTA:SA based far in the future on an alien planet ported to MTA:SA.

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A custom map created exclusivly for testing vehicles in MTA:SA.

Supported Games

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